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     Field Sales
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Erp12 Office

√ If you plan to use a commercial program for the first time, you want to perform your computer in a single operation; ERP12

Erp12 Standard

√ ERP12 Standard is a package that is easily used by different sectors is ideal for medium-sized businesses have started

Erp12 Professional

√ ERP12 Professional has been developed for companies who wish to be professionally managed on a corporate system. We have to

Erp12 Enterprise

√ ERP12 is our Enterprise level enterprise resource planning products, it aims to improve business efficiency

  • Food industry

We know that and we are the difficulties experienced in the food industry sector. Compromise the food industry is one of the tasks that require close monitoring.

  • Retail Sector

In the retail sector, there is one sector where competition is intense. As a customer-oriented sector work is required to make

  • Cafe & Restaurant Sector

Restaurant industry is a very difficult and serious business. Production comes at the beginning of the sine qua non of restaurant

  • Textile Sector

The product range of the textile industry is in a state with a very large and growing day by day. In the conditions of our country

  • Electronics Industry

Electronics industry is a winner rapid momentum day by day attracted attention across the country. The electronics industry is realizing tremendous

  • Construction Sector

The construction sector is another sector that our country has continued to grow rapidly. to improve earthquake-resistant systems, our contractors, our

  • Auto Spare Parts Sector

ERP12 you to auto-service, sales and spare parts, the original product, your alternative aftermarket product allows you to adapt quickly and easily. Inventory control and counting processes of your

  • Production and Manufacturing

Production in the manufacturing sector and prepared in accordance with the demands of

  • Other Sectors

In other sectors of the future will be assessed according

ERP12 Busıness Management Solutıons

Meet a Brand New Use, Make Your Life Easier.